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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

Only valid driving license holders can hire a motorcycle. A copy of the same has to be submitted at the time of hiring a motorcycle.

The client shall be liable to pay for any damages incurred on a motorcycle during the period of hire.

The client will be liable to pay for any penalty on account of violation of traffic rules envisaged in the J&K Motor Motorcycles Act as amended from time to time.

Legal action shall be initiated against anyone indulging in larceny, mischief or vandalism.

The client shall be liable to pay for any exigent or non-exigent delay in return of motorcycles.

The client shall be responsible for his/her safety. No indemnity shall be provided even under circumstances arising out of malfunctioning of motorcycle.

All hiring charges have to be paid in cash at the time of hiring a motorcycle. There is no provision for paying in installments.

Security deposit shall be refundable only in cases of minor non-engine damages. Proportion of Security deposit to be forfeited for other non-engine damages shall be negotiated. No security deposit shall be reimbursed for engine damages.

Documents: Two passport size photographs, copy of passport and visa, copy of international drivers permit and a copy of domestic license.  For Indian nationals: 2x passport size photographs, copy of passport, or PAN/Voting/Ration card, address proof. Security deposit of Rs 20,000/- for 350cc and Rs 30,000/- for 500cc – Refundable

The motorcycle shall be provided on rent only after assessing the customer’s riding ability by way of a test ride.

Hiring amount and refundable security deposit are to be paid in full at the time of hiring the motorcycles.

Any damage to the motorcycle or use or loss of spare parts shall be deducted from the advance security payment on the return of the motorcycle. In order to secure a motorcycle for your travel requirements it is essential to pre-book and pre-pay a holding fee of Rs 5,000/- per motorcycle, this is adjusted against the customer’s rental charge.

In case of breakdown of a motorcycle, the rider has to bear the transportation charges of the motorcycle and has to ensure that the motorcycle is received by the Kashmir Travelogue.

Points To Be Noted

You are responsible for the daily maintenance of the bike during the period of hire, you are required to check oil levels, chain tension, Tyre pressures, battery water levels, ensure that all nuts and bolts are tight.

The clutch, gearbox, brakes, cables and piston/rings can be subject to rider abuse when care and attention is not taken.

In areas of high dust levels the brakes can wear quickly, as also the air filter will become clogged. Care and attention is required so that you keep moving forward on your journey.
The Royal Enfield motorcycles are robust but old technology and built in India.
Do not expect these bikes to be of the standard of modern European, American or Japanese bikes. They are old world classic, they vibrate, leak oil and require regular attention as all of the 1960 & rsquo’s developed bikes do. These bikes are not endurance trail bikes or racing bikes, they are solid road bikes that have been used by the Indian Army and the Indian Police for nearly 50 years with great success in rough conditions.
Treat the bikes with respect and they will serve you well, treat them rough and like all things, they will break.
We ensure that you start your journey with good reliable bikes, we request that you return the bikes in good condition having treated them with respect as the next traveler may suffer a major break down due to your manner of riding.